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Peer to Peer for Technology and Education Co. Ltd is a Middle Eastern company offering peer-to-peer educational services using customized software for students who need learning support while securing decent income for the education service provider from the university students creating a power of teaching between young generations.

Peer to Peer for Technology and Education Co. Ltd. aims at bringing technology services into the market to improve and support education in the MENA region, launched in 2019 in Palestine. PTP delivers new qualified educational services through connecting the university senior students and newly graduates with younger pupils adopting the value of Peer to Peer education and a platform that ensure effective use of time and cost resources mutually for service providers and receivers.
Under the brand “hessaps_hessa”, P2P delivers the Peer to Peer educational service through the web and app platforms that specialized in connecting the best and qualified universities’ instructors with the schools’ students from all grades in all subjects while a systematic schedule is designed to provide flexible working hours that works in favor with the universities’ students’ studies as well as the younger students’ parents. Through hessaps_hessa the universities’ students will be provided with decent income generation resources and affordable Peer to Peer educational service for service receivers; the parents. The university students and new graduates will be joining the labor market with decent workplace and reasonable income in comparison with other jobs available for students as well as the service providers will gain job related skills, commitment to work ethics and time management skills Quality education, this is the core business of P2P and through the value of exchanging knowledge, skills and classes between the universities’ students and schools’ students we achieve it. hessaps_hessa targets universities’ students and graduates in specializations such as English, Arabic, French, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and primary education, as well as teaching speech difficulties.
P2P operations focus on providing services highly controlled through a customized system program to ensure quality, safety, risk and cultural aspects. P2P follows up and evaluates the process of providing the services and networking between service providers/instructors and parents, so that the team provides distinctive service to parents and their children at a nominal price. P2P market advantages are the provision of educational service in a geographical area close to service providers, quality and specialized education, competitive prices, targeting neglected categories of schools’ students with learning difficulties, the value of peer to peer education and finally, flexible working hours.

The problem we are trying to solve

P2P/hessaps_hessa is solving two problems recognized by the founders and identified as a need by the communities; since launching, the solution offered proved itself to be perfectly responding to those problems The first problem is the parents’ emerging needs to secure special education to their children who suffer from the lack of educational achievements and suffer from learning difficulties. The parents, or children guardians, would seek help from outside the schools and request private classes. The problem is much expanded and hurtful within refugees who are forcibly displaced and disconnected from the education system, The second problem is related to the service providers, the university students /graduates who provide teaching classes. The service provider suffers from the lack of suitable jobs during university studying that can secure good income to cover their expenses and flexible to fit with their university schedule Children suffer from learning difficulties Parents need special education for their children University students need flexible jobs

The Solution

hessaps_hessa is offering unique educational services using customized software for school students and as a consequence securing decent incomes for the universities’ students/unemployed graduates. The education service providers are selected and trained to be qualified educational service providers building on the power of peer to peer learning techniques between young generations while operating the service using a sophisticated customized software system. hessaps_hessa aims at bringing technology services into the market to improve and support education in the MENA region Creates the difference for the educator and studen

Business Model

Business Model

hessaps_hessa launched on the ground on Sep. 2019, advertising the services through social media in two cities in West Bank Palestine, Ramallah and Nablus. The team promoted the idea within universities’ students/ Service Providers and within four months hessaps_hessa created a database of interested students to provide peer-to-peer classes for Service Providers. Below chart represents hessaps_hessa Revenues within the last four months.

Hessa sessions

Hessa sessions

This chart shows the increase on number of sessions bee during the last four months Our business model is revenue sharing for the service we provide and customized as home delivery service
Hessa sessions Chart


Total Classes

50 %

Sales Increase


Palestine, Ramallah